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The Story of Anime Ate My Brain Magazine

Anime Ate My Brain Magazine is a division of Tastes Like Rock! Publishing, best known for it's flagship webzine Tastes Like Rock! Music Magazine and its music centered independent journalism and music related endeavors, completely dedicated to Japanese Anime and Manga, sprung from TLR! owner/editor Michael Meade's almost lifelong fascination with and love of Japanese Anime. The idea came to Mike, after rekindling his love and active following of anime and manga, upon finding that many of the US publications dedicated to anime had disappeared in the few years he attempted to "grow up" leaving many of his hobbies and pastimes behind for almost a decade.
Anime Ate My Brain Magazine is for hardcore fans of the genre as well as those newly hooked on the anime phenomena. Brought to you by fans, for fans. Anime Ate My Brain is here to show people the wealth of storytelling excellence many write off as "just for kids" or "nothing but Pokemon and monster card games" and how far beyond those few genres the medium goes. Like anime and manga, Anime Ate My Brain is here to stay!